About us


The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority is an institution formed under the mandate given by the Ethiopian Council of Ministers based on the declaration No.364/2008 through the infrastructure of the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture in order to support, guide, protect and empower the development of the Coffee, Tea and Spice industry through refined understanding, innovation and industrial excellence deserving to the unique natural asset of the Nation. The Ethiopian government believes industrial development in this sector will mean a significant transformation on the livelihood of its people throughout the value chain and the Nation’s economy at large.


To see a people free of poverty & developed economy on the modern coffee, Tea and Spices Development and Marketing in 2025.


By sorting the major challenges in Coffee, Tea and spices Argo-processing and marketing chain, implementing its remedial actions, using & inculcating research findings, utilizing modern & updated technologies, addressing customer oriented extension systems, providing various capacity buildings and sharing best practices to enhance its productivity in best quality for supplying to inland & global market for earning the required foreign exchange from the sector & confirm the benefits of farmers & stakeholders at a highest level.


Customer satisfaction and beneficiary, Enhancing Job & change culture, Abhor corruption, Good governance, Institutional and professional partnership, Women and youth participation and benefits; Sustainable natural resource conservation and development