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Ethiopia is able to achieve 105% of its target by exporting 43,481.02 tons of coffee in May alone.

In terms of income, the country was able to achieve 209.54 (107%) million US dollars from her plan in the month alone, and this result is much higher than the product shipped in the same months of the previous 2013/2014/2015 fiscal years.

In the 11 months of the fiscal year, we exported a total of 252,466.98 tons of coffee products and earned 1 billion 208 million 73 thousand US dollars, and we have made record breaking progress.

His excellency Dr. Adugna Debella, Director General of the authority conveyed his congratulatory message to all the stakeholders and expressed that we have a high chance of breaking our record in 2014 by working hard in coordination with all stakeholders for the performance of the fiscal year.

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